We Are Blood

Mobile Supervisor

Austin, TX

Job status
Full time
Job description

Purpose: Use personal expression and creativity to provide outstanding customer service to donors, coworkers and guests thus ensuring the best possible donation experience and working environment. Adhere to established quality practices while continually seeking to improve and expand upon work performance and knowledge.


·        Serve as a subject matter expert for department: Maintain complete familiarity with all departmental SOPs, quality policies and procedures, human resources policies and procedures, mainframe donor database, operator manuals, and other materials as appropriate

·        Administration of basic supervisory functions: Anticipate and respond to organizational needs; plan for contingencies; organize/oversee processes and employees to promote a lean environment; lead and motivate staff; ensure thorough/effective dissemination of information; ensure timely and appropriate reporting of all Worker’s Compensation exposures, illness, or injuries; maintain open lines of communication with employees and operations manager; ensure compliance with organiza­tional and industry policies and procedures; ensure proper maintenance of the donation site and equipment according to SOP (daily quality control and housekeeping procedures and routine/preventative maintenance); coordinate/ oversee work flow; ensure satisfactory levels of Mobile supplies and equipment

·        Employee development: Provide timely and tailored training, feedback, and constructive criticism to improve and expand upon employees’ technique and knowledge; advise mobile operations manager of issues/trends involving employees; execute on-the-spot corrections as needed; provide timely and progressive counseling aimed at correcting performance problems; participate in the performance appraisal process of employees by maintaining notes on individual employees throughout the year and constructing fair, effective, unbiased, and factual performance comments; cultivate an environment of teamwork

·        Determine donor suitability according to SOP: Register donors; conduct/document medi­cal history interviews; perform/document vital signs (pulse, blood pressure, hematocrit and temperature) [Applies to cross-trained employees. Cross training of em­ployees will occur at the Mobile manager’s discretion.]

·        Perform whole blood and automated phlebotomy techniques on allogeneic, donors according to SOP: Vein selection; preparation of aseptic phlebotomy site; labeling of collection materials; venipuncture; sample collection; donor escort

·        Record Keeping: Accurately record donor phlebotomy results in electronic database or legibly on donor record and review electronic/hard copy documentation, as appropriate, according to SOP

·        Respond to donor reactions according to SOP: Identify/treat symptoms, monitor/perform vital signs (pulse and blood pressure) and accurately document the reaction

·        Behavior: Meet and exceed Life Is In Your Hands program expectations and Own It! customer service standards - Stay in the Know, Get Funky, Open Doors, Applause Feels Good, and Cross the Line; demonstrate actions consistent with role model behavior and attainment of We Are Blood goals; report to work according to department schedule and comply with organizational timekeeping policy

·        Perform special projects and other duties as assigned by mobile operations manager

Skills, Education & Experience:

·        High school diploma or equivalent

·        Punctual and dependable

·        Compassionate interpersonal skills

·        Superior verbal and written communication skills

·        Excellent customer service skills

·        Intermediate computer skills

·        Minimum of 2-4 years blood center experience, preferably in phlebotomy; prefer experience with ALYX or other automated collection system; college education or supervisory experience may substitute for blood center experience

·        CPR Certified

·        Must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid Texas driver’s license, proof of insurance, and an acceptable driving record; and be able to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) within 6 months of employment. 

Physical/Mental Abilities:

·        Ability to maintain high attention to detail and make sound judgments in a busy/distracting environment

·        Ability to read/follow SOPs and to maintain complete/accurate records

·        Ability to make priority determinations, and work without direct supervision

·        Ability to perform the same task repeatedly while maintaining a high level of accuracy

·        Ability to work a flexible schedule including Saturdays/Sundays as needed

·        Ability to interpret and respond appropriately to sensitive/confidential informa­tion and situations

·        Ability to assume a lead role in a team environment

·        Excellent manual dexterity

·        Ability to display professional conduct and demeanor at all times

·        Ability to stand for long periods

·        Ability to lift up to 25 pounds unassisted

·        Ability to work in an environment with bio-hazardous materials.

Work hours
Open availability is required!
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